So the hibernation has really come to its end. I am wide awake and up and running. I realized now that I have woken up and peeled off yet another layer. Last year has been a year of introversion, looking with in. In search for my identity after being swallowed up  by society. Maybe all these hours of yoga and meditation are paying off, maybe it is me getting older but I have come out more comfortable and confident about me being “me”.

By peeling of layers and becoming more minimalist by the day ( living more intentionally with less stuff, less distraction) the question rises “why am I doing the things I do? What is it I am doing?” and “what is the use of me doing these thing anyways?” A very long story short is because I like it. It adds value to my life and by that I hope that what I do adds value to other peoples life’s too.

I like to make things.  No, I crave making things, I need to wander the streets, parks and forest looking for and foresting plants. Gathering nature’s treasures makes me happy makes me feel whole. Transforming pieces of fabric into objects soothes my soul, it is like  meditating to me.

Recently I was asked by someone if I give workshops or take on interns. I had to think and rethink about that question. Do I? Does that add value to what I am doing at this point life and more important will it add value to the others persons life? The answer is no. I am not ready to share what I am doing in that way at this point of my life. Really I am not sure if i ever will be ready to take on an intern or teach workshops on what I do in general. Because what I am doing is not just one thing and certainly anything dogmatic. I do whatever feels right and if it does not i move on. I change. I even change when things still feel fine, because it is important to me to be able to let go. To move on. To constantly get out of my comfort zone in order to grow.

In the end that is what I think I am doing. Growing.

In all honesty,





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